Pegotty Cooper is the main source in Career Planning: How to know when it's time to go

21 May 2013 8:24 PM | Anonymous
Career Planning: How To Know When It's Time To Go

Pegotty CooperPegotty Cooper of CDC Divorce Coach Training & Certification is the main source in this article in Associations Now.

But for an association leader, how do you know when the time is right to make that next career move, whether that means moving on to another association or hanging up the uniform and calling it a career? “There are two messengers on this question: the internal voice and the external signals,” said Pegotty Cooper, IOM, FASAE, leadership and career strategy coach with Career Strategy Roadmap. “Sometimes they can feed one another, and sometimes they are independent.”

The internal voice asks that nagging question that keeps sneaking into your head, asking if you still find value in your current position or if the job still stimulates you. “It is important to explore your platform of values and get back in touch with what is most important to you instead of trying to silence that voice,” Cooper said. Continue Reading Here
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