Pegotty Cooper shares advice in three CEO Update articles!

14 Jun 2013 8:17 PM | Anonymous
Pegotty Cooper of CDC Divorce Coach Training & Certification shares advice in three CEO Update articles: 
Showing a Poor Employee the Door

"When you begin to build a relationship with an employee, you want to be clear about that person’s career goals, said Cooper, who spent 10 years as director of special interest group services at the Association for Computing Machinery. Do those goals align with the organization, so the employee has something at stake in its success? And are you building a foundation from which to speak frankly about performance? “When you build that foundation of trust, you can say these things,” she said." Read more here.

How to Handle Layoffs
Executive coach Pegotty Cooper of Career Strategy Roadmap has been in both positions: as a director at the technology distribution company Tech Data, she had to lay people off, and she herself was laid off as part of downsizing. She was given six weeks to wrap up loose ends.
“If someone is being terminated because of a layoff you can create a longer transition plan,” she said. “They put a lot of blood and sweat into creating an organization. It is only fair they get to hand [that work] off.” Read more here.

Master Workplace Conflict

Where does conflict happen in the association world?
It can occur between boss and direct report where one feels that the other has withheld information or has failed to meet expectations. It also can happen between staff and committee or chapter leaders where one feels unappreciated or that the other is not contributing in the way they should, or between a board member and the CEO, because there are differing understandings of each other's roles. Read more here.
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