Laura Scott featured in TIME Magazine "The Childfree Life article Having It All Without Having Children."

12 Aug 2013 8:09 PM | Anonymous
The Childfree Life article Having It All Without Having Children

Laura ScottLaura Scott, our member and Executive, Life and Transition, and Reproductive Decision Making coach at 180 Coaching was featured in the TIME Magazine!

One evening when she was 14 years old, Laura Scott was washing dishes in the kitchen with her mother when she decided she didn't want to have a child. At 26, Scott got married and waited for her mind to change. "It never happened," she says. "And I realized I was going to be fine." Now 50, Scott is more than fine: she's fulfilled. And she's not alone. The birthrate in the U.S. is the lowest in recorded American history. From 2007 to 2011, the most recent year for which there's data, the fertility rate declined 9%. A 2010 Pew Research report showed that childlessness has risen across all racial and ethnic groups, adding up to about 1 in 5 American women who end their childbearing years maternity-free, compared with 1 in 10 in the 1970s. Click here to read more.

Laura Scott
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