Yvonne Ulmer writes To Shed Shame, Dare to be Vulnerable in the Tampa Bay Times

26 Jan 2013 7:38 PM | Anonymous
To Shed Shame, Dare to be Vulnerable 

Yvonne UlmerBy our member Yvonne Ulmer of Coaching by Design, article published in the Tampa Bay Times.

"My first encounter with shame was as an 11-year-old returning home from a weekend at Girl Scout camp. Our group leader, the mother of one of my friends, was driving several of us home on a Sunday afternoon. As we approached my house, panic struck. A voice inside me said, "You can't let your friends see where you live." I was ashamed of my home with the chipping paint, sagging foundation and yard full of sand spurs...

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity," she writes. Shame, meanwhile, is linked with addiction, violence, aggression, depression, eating disorders and bullying...

How about you? Are you ready to let go of shame and open yourself up to wholehearted living? What if you decided to dare greatly? Would you leave a toxic relationship? Go back to school? Change careers? Get a gastric bypass? Seek help for drug or alcohol abuse?
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