Yvonne Ulmer writes "Knowing Phases of Life Helps Get Groove Back in the Tampa Bay Times

08 Sep 2012 6:43 PM | Anonymous

Knowing Phases of Life Helps Get Groove Back 

Yvonne Ulmer
By our member Yvonne Ulmer of Coaching by Design published in the Tampa Bay Times.

"There's an old Texas saying, "You can't light a fire with a wet match." Similarly, you can't accomplish much of any significance without enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm is the spark that lights the flame of positive action. It is a feeling of intense emotion that compels us to take up a cause, climb Mount Everest, or win three consecutive Olympic beach volleyball gold medals... 
I like the road map that Frederic M. Hudon draws in his book The Adult Years: Mastering the Art of Self-Renewal. He suggests that all of us are in some phase of what he calls a "life chapter'' or a "life transition,'' and we are constantly cycling through those stages. The first step to restoring your vitality, he says, is to figure out where you are in the cycle.
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