Laura Scott advices on "Ways to Stay Productive in the Summer"

19 Jun 2012 6:21 PM | Anonymous

Ways to Stay Productive in the Summer: How to Avoid Summer Slacking in the Office

Laura Scott
By Selena Dehne includes advice from our member and Executive, Life and Tran
sition, and Reproductive Decision Making coach Laura Scott.

Some employees struggle to stay focused at work during summer months. Rather than concentrating on projects and 
responsibilities, many daydream about traveling, sunbathing, drinking fruity cocktails or hanging out with their kids who are on summer vacation... To help you overcome the urge to ditch your desk and head outdoors, consider some advice from Laura Scott, president of 180 Coaching with Laura Scott. She says, "If your desk faces a window with a view that might tempt you outside, obscure part of the view with a framed inspirational saying, a whiteboard with your schedule or running to do-list or a vision board showing the important goals you wish to accomplish over the summer."

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