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ICF Announces Credentialing Changes

On February 15, 2018, ICF announced changes to the requirements for initial application or renewal of a coaching credential. The changes impact all credential levels to some degree and effective dates vary. Please click this link ICF Credential Changes Spring 2018 ICFCF.pdf to read an overview that we have prepared to help you understand the changes.

Specific questions about these changes should be directed to support@coachfederation.org.

New ICF Resources

ICF Research Portal

The ICF Research Portal contains entries for more than 2,000 articles, case studies and reports about coaching and related topics, and features a "stream view" that enables users to easily navigate between articles and their cited sources. Access the new Research Portal here.

For more information about the ICF Research Portal, including articles, case studies, journals and reports from all over the world about coaching and related topics, use this link. http://coachfederation.org/about/ArticleList.cfm?navItemNumber=736

Become a Coach Microsite

ICF has launched a new online resource for prospective coaches at becomea.coach. This new microsite offers a road map for individuals considering coach training and certification, compiling a variety of essential information and links from across ICF's website in one place. Access the web page here http://becomea.coach/#Home

Are You a Professional Coach? Do You Have Liability Insurance?

Any professional ought to think about protecting his or her business from litigation. What if a client is unhappy with his coaching experience? While there is protection built into most coaching agreements, anyone can litigate over anything these days and legal fees are very expensive. As with doctors and other professionals, it makes sense to carry Professional Liability Insurance. 

 Such insurance is affordable. Membership in ICF automatically qualifies you for coverage. For the first year, insurance premiums are as low as $128.75 and no higher than $169.95 for an annual business revenue up to $100,000. The annual premium covers up to $1,000,000 per claim/$1,000,000 aggregate and is based on your Business Practices, the limits you select, and your annual projected gross income.

 For brick and mortar practices, General Liability is also available as an endorsement to the master policy. Coverage protects against slip and fall injuries or damage you may cause to another’s property. Such coverage is required by landlords. A flat fee of $200 per year, plus taxes and admin fees, is added for the additional coverage.

 If this sounds like something you need to investigate further, please go to  http://biglife-insurance.com/insurance-coachfederation.com/.

OUR INFORMATIONAL RESOURCE: Sandra Miniere, M.Ed., ICF Liaison ICF-CF Charter Chapter

Optimistic Partnership to Build Strong Entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay

Tampa, Fl. – Create Winners Internationals CEO, Earl Davis, Jr is proud to announce a new partnership with two outstanding organizations that in collaboration will solidify the foundations that the MISSION INSPRIRATION Seminars generating to creating new Entrepreneurs in the Tampa Bay Area. BizCentral USA and The International Coach Federation, Tampa Bay Charter Chapter (ICFTB) are both excited to be a part of this great plan of action for the Tampa Bay area.

BizCentral USA is a “one-stop” resource for business development. Located in Orlando, Fl. offers more than thirty products and services understand what it takes to grow a business from the ground up. With the commitment to excellent customer service and competitive pricing, enables BizCentral USA the successfully grow, even in financial times.

The International Coach Federation, Tampa Bay Charter Chapter (ICFTB) provides life and business coaches committed to making an impact for individuals and organizations in Tampa Bay. This organization strives to enthuse and motivate personal and professional upward mobility. “This organization is a great addition to our team. Mission Inspiration is for everyone that has identified what inspires them, coaching is what is next. It is paramount to bring clarity of thought of mind and planning to the discovery process that allows the realization and manifestation of the idea, project or whatever to occur”, expressed by Earl Davis, Jr.

The MISSION INSPRIRATION Seminar series will continue in January in St Petersburg, Fl. For more information about any of these organizations and to find out who will be the next guest speaker, please visit: http://www.inspiretampabay.com/

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For scheduling interviews, please contact Hubert McCloud, Public Relations Director

@ (727) 385-0691 or hubert.mccloud@mccloudpra.com

Community Outreach Program for Our Members

We are now starting to plan for the 3rd USF Management Certificate Program and the TBPCA involvement in serving as coaches for this program. TBPCA members have all been so generous in giving of their time - in fact, at almost every session, someone makes a glowing report about their coach. If you are a Professional Coach and would like to sign up for this program, the next sessions will run September through March. If interested in being a part of this unique opportunity, contact Pegotty Cooper Office: 813-884-9511,Cell:813-760-2844 or e-Mail: pegotty@careerstrategyroadmap.com

Partnering with the University of Tampa (UT) Sykes School of Business

In 2004, when a few committed people decided it was time to re-institute the Tampa Bay Professional Coaches Association after two years of inactivity, Pegotty Cooper and Lorraine Lane called upon the University of Tampa’s Sykes School of Business to host our kick-off meeting.  It was a win-win for both organizations.  The University of Tampa provided the ICFTB with a full breakfast spread in a lovely meeting room with plenty of space for us to engage the 40 participants in a World Café conversation about coaching in Tampa Bay. The ICFTB provided to the University of Tampa the opportunity to solicit volunteers from the coaching community to participate in a program of voluntary leadership coaches for MBA students.

In 2011 we have 15 members involved in the leadership coaching program at the University of Tampa.  Most  of the students who sign up for a coach think they are going to get career guidance and are pleasantly surprised to find the depth of impact that their coaching experience brings to them. It impacts the students’ participation in their learning groups, one of the more challenging situations they face, and a microcosm of the world of work where teams continue to figure more prominently in how work gets done.  Through the coaching experience, students learn to hold each other accountable for what they say they will do, to communicate more effectively as a team, and to move quickly through the team formation process.  Before coaching, many of the students hated the whole learning team process and felt that their mission was to survive it instead of learning how to thrive in that environment.  Students report that the program has given them greater confidence and has helped them feel less stress. 

ICFTB has been very publicly acknowledged by the University of Tampa.

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