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 Sindy Cassidy International Coach Federation, Central Florida Chapter President           

April… ICF is “Leading into the Future”

Reporting headlines from the Global Leaders Forum (March 23-26) in Warsaw, Poland.

It was an honor to represent the ICF Central Florida Chapter for the 3rd annual Global Leader Forum (GLF) in Warsaw, Poland. The GLF is an International Coach Federation annual conference providing an opportunity for Global Chapter Leaders and Regional Advisory Council members to join their peers for three days of leadership development, learning, collaboration and networking. 

One of the key highlights of this year’s event was participating in several Idea and Solution Labs. Best Practices from around the world were discussed, shared, and recorded. I’m returning home with many new ideas and resources which our chapter will use to support the development of professional coaching in the Central Florida community.

Numbers show your professional ICF coaching association is healthy and in high-growth:

ICF Membership grows:

  • 30,000 members from 140 countries
  • Credential milestone last year: 20,000 ICF Credential-holders 

Chapters are added:    Arkansas-Oklahoma, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia

  • Currently have: 131 chapters and charter chapters in more than 70 countries
  • Compared to March 2016: 125 chapters in 60 countries

Regional Advisory Councils have been developed to:

  • Bridge between ICF Chapters and Global (ICF-CF met with the Southeast Regional Advisory Council in Warsaw)
  • Work to create synergy in regions and offer guidance on how to best serve members in local communities 

ICF Global Leaders Meet and Strategize: 

  • 2015 Inaugural year in Atlanta, GA: 170 leaders from 56 countries.
  • 2016 in Charlotte, NC: 198 leaders  from 65 countries
  • 2017 in Warsaw, Poland: 203 leaders from 68 countries

Strategic Plan to Expand the Scope and Influence of ICF by:

  • Establishing a Thought Leadership Institute to capture what coaching is today and inform our decisions for the future
  • Expanding activities of the ICF Foundation (which ICF-CF will explore joining this year)
  • Creating offerings for organizations and corporations building coaching cultures

More details about these exciting headlines will be shared in our upcoming Program meetings, website, and newsletter updates. I invite you to help our chapter continue the journey of ICF to ‘Lead into the Future’ with Excellence, Relevance, and a Strong global voice!

Speak up, volunteer and share your ideas with me and our Leadership Team at  

Warm regards,

Sindy Cassidy, PCC, CPC

ICF-CF President


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